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Welcome to Sante Plus

With the European standards and technological equipment Sante Plus Group in Turkey and Balkan countries operates with the base of the management philosophy “providing all health services, without making concessions from medical ethics, respecting the rights of the patients, affording advanced health technology, with 75 beds and facilities, approaching Istanbul and the big majority of the society with “A” group hospital management concept in all health services”.

Our hospital with a capacity of 70 beds in Antalya is providing contemporary health services in accordance to its mission and vision attempt. With an opportunity for the recovery of your health in a vocational ambience and a satisfaction of a five stars hotel, including technical hospital equipment and the attention and care of our doctors and health personnel.

With its location in Antalya – Kemer and capacity of 28 beds, our hospital helps solving your health problems, constantly providing its health services in the highest level and principles with a contemporary notion without compromising on ethical values.

Being at your service and giving you technical hospital equipment, professional doctors and health personnel in the field will make our hospital very happy.









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