Birth marks, nevuses, hemangiomas, abnormal breast deve­lopment,lip, palate slits, hand, finger and arm anomalies, face, facial bones and skull anomalies, rap ear and other ear anomalies, female and male uroge­nital system development anomalies.

  • Bodycontring (vacuum lipid removal)
  • Peeling (peeling of the upper skin)
  • All kinds of body shaping surgeries
  • Plastic Surgery Applications
  • Nose shape disorders
  • Shape disorders in facial bones
  • Shape disorders in jaw bone
  • Over lipoidosis in stomach, legs and arms, irregularities in lipid accumulation
  • Breast disproportions (size) and breast
  • Skin problems: wrinkles, unwanted spots and tattoos, traces
  • Facial aging: Sagging of face-neck skin and the muscles, wrinkling,
  • Lower-upper eyelid sagging

By following the scienti­fic and technological developments closely and by applying the latest scientific met­hods and techniques used in the developed countries today Sante Plus Group has been carrying out the plastic and reconstructive surgeries within a team work with all kinds of technical equipments successfully.

  • Cuts, scars, burns and the treatment of the burn sequels, Soft tissue injuries,
  • The cancer surgery, the repair in head, neck, torso and the extremities
    Facial bone fractures, facial injuries, facial palsies Eyelid injuries or the disorders that prevent seeing
  • All kinds of soft tissue deficiencies occurred after the accidents
  • The loss of the breast acquired after cancer or the injuri­es, shape disorders
  • Nonhealing wounds, bedhead wounds,
  • Emergency cases of finger, hand and arm injuries, losses,
  • Jaw injuries, fractures, jaw joint disorders

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