When we look at angioma, we usually think it is a therapeutic disease but this is a completely wrong belief. Because the symptoms of Angioma arteriosclerosis disease occur as a method applied in cases due to vascular obstruction emerges.

In what circumstances is Angioma done?
The display of veins and their determination according to the treatement of angiome it is not always possible it is only seen in certain situations. Vein treatment is not always exposed which means it appears only in certain situation, we can see that when angiography is done. In addition to there asilments
  • Stress test positivie results
  • ECO shooting contraction in patients with heart problems
  • Suspicion during thallium testing in patients with diagnosed coronary artery disease
  • Computed angiography for doubtful patient cases
  • Patients with valvular disease
  • Patients over the age of 40 must undergo a surgery
  • Control principle for people with bypass surgery
  • Patinets with diabetes should undergo an major open heart surgery
  • In people with previously insterted stent there must be made a control after 6 months of the surgery
In which stages is Angiome processed?
Firstly, the cleaning of patient’s groin area (shaving) is made. Catheters of hospitalized patients will be covered later. After that, a cannula is inserted into the patient’s artery.
Through a curved ending cathere, an entering of the left ventricle is mde to video film the matter of giving iodine. After this operation, a catheter enters and is placed in the left coronary artery, operation is being performed, and contrast material is given from different agnels so it will show four or five snaps of the left coronary from the video movie.
The video then enters the right coronary arteries with a catheter and it is drawn in the same way of the ontavenous cannula, a tight bandage applying pressure on the arteries in order the processes to be performed.
Generally, the preparation of this process takes about five minutes and its performance takes about 5 – 10 minutes. In addition, the process of pressure to enter the vessel process observation is applyied in 10 to 15 minutes. However, when the cannula is withdrawn in the entrance place there must be implemented a closure device.

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